3 Reasons Patrick Henry Square Is the Best Family Resort


Situated in the heart of the beautiful and historic colonial district of Williamsburg, Virginia, Bluegreen Resort’s Patrick Henry Square is surrounded by charming architecture, historic museums, and lively, themed entertainment. This destination offers an array of activities that are simultaneously entertaining and educational for adults and children alike. With over 500 historic buildings and museums, an abundance of street performances, renowned restaurants, and neighboring theme parks, Williamsburg offers fun and engaging activities for the whole family.

Named after the famous orator and former governor of Virginia, Bluegreen Patrick Henry Square stays true to the colonial spirit with elegant furnishings and 18th-century-inspired decor. With its proximity to the lively historic district, this resort will set the tone for your journey back in time.

Charming Sights

An 18th-century town, Williamsburg is bursting with rich history and interesting sights. It was founded in 1632 as a plantation between the James and York rivers, and the city was the epicenter of political activity in Virginia, which ultimately culminated in the American Revolution. With a multitude of museums, interactive plays, and family destinations, historic Williamsburg makes an ideal family getaway.

Image courtesy Joe Ross | Flickr

Many of the buildings that George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson frequented have been restored to their original appearance. These beautifully designed colonial-era buildings are not only rich with history, but they are also surrounded by beautiful greenery that transforms a stroll down Colonial Street into a pleasantly surreal glimpse into 18th-century life.

Actors frequent these charming streets, performing live reenactments of colonial events. In character at all times, these figures recreate how people lived in early America—dressing, talking, and working as one would in colonial times.

Educational Activities

Williamsburg features an array of museums and cultural institutions, including the world’s most expansive living history museum, the Revolutionary City.  Located just steps away from Bluegreen Patrick Henry Square, the Revolutionary City is an open area full of colonists engaging in 18th-century life. Performances are staged each day, enacting historic events that led Virginians to declare themselves as an independent people. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the environment by joining the soldiers as they march to Yorktown, witnessing the first reading of the Declaration of Independence, and seeing what exactly daily life was like for an American colonist living against the backdrop of the American Revolution.

Image courtesy praline3001 | Flickr

Williamsburg also features the original permanent English settlement located in Jamestown. The settlement includes a recreation of a Native American village, an English army post, and several historic ships that led the way to the “New World.” In addition to the Jamestown settlement, Williamsburg visitors can explore the Yorktown Battlefield, where General Cornwallis famously surrendered to George Washington. The park offers daily tours for families and groups.

After a full day of visiting museums and taking in the sights, the whole family can enjoy a range of restaurants. From the Fat Canary—named aptly after the title of a John Lyly poem, “Oh, For a Bowl of Fat Canary”—to A Chef’s Kitchen—a restaurant where you can assemble your own gourmet dish, there are plenty of dining options.

For the adults, Green Leafe Cafe, named one of the 10 best bars in the United States, charmingly offers “good beer, good food, and bad parking,” according to its website. If you’re looking for a more festive after-hours establishment, there are many themed pubs scattered throughout Colonial Williamsburg, including Josiah Chowning’s Tavern, a reconstructed 1766 establishment where songs and games of the 18th century come alive.

For a day of modern fun, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA are just around the corner from Colonial Williamsburg. Busch Gardens has plenty of rides for thrill seekers, including the Curse of DarKastle, a rollercoaster not designed for the faint of heart. Water Country USA has water rides for the whole family, including the 1,500-foot river ride, Hubba Hubba Highway.


Bluegreen Patrick Henry Square features spacious, unique villas with charming decor. Expertly combined with the colonial aesthetic, each villa has modern, comfortable accommodations that include a full kitchen—with a coffee maker and dishwasher for optimal convenience, a television complete with cable and a DVD player, and wireless Internet. The villas are furnished in the style of the 18th century and feature comfortable, historically influenced colonial decor. Aiming to both relax and inspire, these villas are ideal for settling down after hours of sightseeing and exploring the rich history of Williamsburg.

The resort also contains its own attractions, such as a hot tub and an outdoor heated pool, in which one can relax after walking the historic boulevards. For children, Bluegreen Patrick Henry Square offers a game room, many scheduled children’s activities, and an expansive resort playground.

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