Outdoor Traveler Offers Exciting Vacation Options to History Buffs

Outdoor Traveler offers a number of exciting vacation options that allow history buffs to learn about and experience different eras of U.S. history. For example, Williamsburg, Virginia, transports vacationers back to colonial America with the world’s largest living history museum. Visitors can tour fully restored buildings and converse with actors who dress and speak as if they were living in the colonies. In addition to learning about the colonial way of life, visitors can witness reenactments of some of the nation’s most important battles.

Travelers may also want to consider a visit to St. Augustine, Florida. Recognized as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the nation, St. Augustine has earned the moniker “Ancient City.” It also boasts two of the oldest monuments in the United States constructed by European settlers: Fort Matanzas and Castillo de San Marcos.

Charleston, South Carolina, is known for its rich history and Southern charm. Visitors can explore the historic neighborhoods of the city and learn about its important place in American history.

via kirkwa

Finally, at Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, vacationers can visit Fisher’s Hill battlefield, peruse exhibitions at the Museum of American Presidents, and see several historic landmarks.

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